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NO 74
Acronym UNIURB
Name University of Urbino, Dep. of Pure and Applied Sciences (DISPEA)
Address 1 piazza Rinascimento 6
Address 2 61029 - Urbino
Address 3
Country/Territory Italy


Name Jgor Arduini
Prefix Dr.
Email jgor.arduini@uniurb.it
Organization No 74
Organization acronym UNIURB
Organization name University of Urbino, Dep. of Pure and Applied Sciences (DISPEA)
Organization country/territory Italy
Address 1
Address 2 DISPEA
Address 3 piazza Rinascimento 6, 61029 Urbino - Italy
Country/territory Italy
Tel 00390722303316
Fax 00390722303311
Last updated date 2021-05-29

 Background observation
 9999-12-31 00:00:00 - 9999-12-31 23:59:59: WMO CH4 X2004A
 9999-12-31 00:00:00 - 9999-12-31 23:59:59: Agilent GC6890(Gas chromatography (FID))
 9999-12-31 00:00:00 - 9999-12-31 23:59:59: 7 (m)
 30 minutes
 every 15 minutes a sample is analyzed alternating between real air and reference standard in order to correct for short time instrumental drifts. molar fraction is calculated from the ratio of the peak heights;
reference standard (local working standard) is regolarly checked against NOAA cylinders
 reported data are single point, no average is computed; data validation is evaluated by checking the correct instrumental operation, the spread of the repeated working standard analysis; in case of anomalies, real data are flagged for a deep check and -eventually- removed form the final dataset. results from target cylinder is used to check for long term stability of the whole set up and eventually correct or remove suspect data.
 0= background data;
1=data possibly affected by local pollution;
2=calibration or invalid data.
 Valid (background): 0
 Valid: 1
 Invalid: 2
 Temporarily suspended
 The air is sampled by a 2m long heated intake at 7 m height above
the ground. The air intake is composed by an external (outside building) steel pipe (internally covered by Teflon) and the internal (inside building) Pyrex pipe.
A Stainless steel sampling line (lenght 10m) connects the air intake with the high flux sampling pump in front of the sampling loop of the analyzer; a cracking check valve is installed downstream the pump to ensure a sligthly overpressure inside the sampling loop and discharge the excess of flow to vent.
 Wind direction:
 Wind speed:
 Relative humidity:
 Precipitation amount:
 Air pressure:
 Air temperature:
 Dew point temperature:
 Sea water temperature:
 Sea surface water temperature:
 Sea water salinity:
 Sea surface water salinity:
Meteorological data may remain as first provided, even when greenhouse gas data are updated.
No DOI available

 Related information

Format Text (WDCGG Data Format Table, WDCGG Meteorological Data Format Table), NetCDF
Relation List (Is Part Of) All CH4 data contributed to WDCGG by GAW stations and mobiles by 2021-08-27
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Geolocation Point
Latitude (north: +; south: -) 44.193425
Longitude (east: +; west: -) 10.700963

 GAW Data Policy

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Jgor Arduini (UNIURB), Atmospheric CH4 at Monte Cimone by University of Urbino, Dep. of Pure and Applied Sciences (DISPEA) , dataset published as CH4_CMN_ surface-insitu_UNIURB_data1 at WDCGG, ver. 2021-06-21-1410 (Reference date*: YYYY/MM/DD)

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