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The WMO Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) Implementation Plan 2016 – 2023 has been developed under the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) programme.

The plan builds on the growing importance of atmospheric composition observations and predictions, and focuses on research that enables the provision of a wide variety of products and services related to atmospheric composition. In Section 3.1 of the plan (titled Observations (surface, satellite, mobile)), it is outlined as described below.
The observing system of ground-based observations would be incomplete without contribution of satellite observations that provide global coverage for many atmospheric composition parameters. So far the role of satellite observations in GAW has been quite limited. In view of many applications, the role of satellite observations will increase within the period of implementation of this plan. Satellite data on atmospheric composition are actively assimilated to improve weather forecasts, used in the air quality forecasting system as well as often used in inverse modelling to improve emission estimates.

In line with this perspective, the WDCGG has started to gather and provide satellite data via its website to facilitate open access to such information.
Satellite data maps are also provided to give an overview of the data.

Satellite data are listed here.

Satellite Organization Gas Species Version
* : the latest version
Updated Date Gallery/Metadata
(National Institute for Environmental Studies)
CO2 0053-9001-1001-08-08-9999
2024-06-26 view
(NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology )
CO2 0149-9011-1001-08-08-9999
2022-05-19 view