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Please read all of the information in the FAQ before asking.

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1 Who can access the WDCGG data? WDCGG data is publicly available. However, user registration is needed to download data files. For information on data access and usage, please refer to the data policy page. user
2 How do I access the WDCGG data? Visit the data search page. To download data files, user registration is needed. user
3 How frequently is data updated? Data is updated from time to time as contributors submit data. The frequency of data submission varies depending on contributor. Some contributors submit their data once a year, others submit once a month. user
4 I cannot complete the user registration successfully: I entered my name and email address in the system but I didn't receive a username and/or password. How can I complete the registration? You need to access the URL which is displayed on the page after submitting the registration form by using an activation code in the received email.
Please also refer to the WDCGG User registration_procedures on the manual page.
If the email from wdcgg does not arrive, please check your spam folder.
5 How can I change my user profile (username, organization, country/territory, e-mail, password)? To change your information, please visit post-log-in page for user and click "Your Information", "Change Password" or "Change ID" in the menu on the left.
If you forgot your password, please click "Forgot your password?" below the login form.
6 How can I access meteorological data? Meteorological data are provided as auxiliary information for gas data. To find meteorological data, go to "Search" tab on the data search page and set "Only information associated with meteorological data" checked to search. Alternatively, you can find information with meteorogical data in the met column of the Station List Table after selecting gas species. user
7 How can I access reactive gas data which were in the previous WDCGG? On 1 January 2016, responsibility for archiving of reactive gas data (other than for CO) was officially transferred to the World Data Centre for Reactive Gases (WDCRG).
Reactive gas data submitted to WDCGG before 1 January 2016 have been migrated to WDCRG.
8 I would like to use data downloaded from WDCGG website in my paper. What should I do to use them? Following the GAW Data Policy, you should contact the contributors of all the data you would like to use and make offers of co-authorship or acknowledgement.
You can find information on contributors including contact(s) by clicking the button for "Details" of "Data" or in header lines of the data file.
You can also create an email template on the "Download Information" page.
Please click "Download Information" in the menu on the left side of the post-login page.
9 What data can I find in WDCGG? The WDCGG provides observation data of greenhouse gases and related gases along with basic associated information known as metadata. user
10 How do I submit data? Registered contributors can submit data via submission form. Please refer to the WDCGG Data and Metadata Submission Manual on the manual page. To become a contributor, please visit the registration page. contributor
11 How can I change my contributor profile (organization information, contact information, password)? To change your organization information, please visit post-log-in page for contributor and click "Contributor Information"or "Contact(s)" in the menu on the left.
To change contributor's password, please email wdcgg[at] with password change requests.
12 How can I change information on an existing station? WDCGG obtains station information from the GAWSIS. Please update the station information on the GAWSIS website as needed.
Regarding the mobile station, you can change the information on the WDCGG website. Please visit post-log-in page for contributor and click "Mobile Information" in the menu on the left.
13 I would like to register the stations which are already in GAWSIS. However, they do not appear on the dropdown list to register the stations at the WDCGG form. How can I register them? Please email wdcgg[at] with the GAW IDs. contributor
14 What is the difference between "User registration" and "Contributor registration"? User registration is needed for data downloading. Contributor registration is needed mainly for data submission. all