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 Data provision policy and credit for usage

WDCGG Data Archive content is free and unrestricted.
See also the WMO Data Policy.

 GAW Data Policy
"For Scientific purposes, access to these data is unlimited and provided without charge. By their use you accept that an offer of co-authorship will be made through personal contact with the data providers or owners whenever substantial use is made of their data. In all cases, an acknowledgement must be made to the data providers or owners and to the data centre when these data are used within a publication."


This Privacy Policy describes how WDCGG uses and protects information provided to WDCGG by users of this website.

By using this website or submitting information to WDCGG through or in connection with this website, the user signifies consent to WDCGG's collection, use and disclosure of personal information provided in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Individuals not agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy should not use the website or submit information to WDCGG through or in connection with it. Such agreement may be withdrawn at any time with no effect on the terms of previous agreements.

 What we collect

The following information is collected to help optimize the website user experience:

Information provided via forms on the website during actions such as registration, metadata submission or file downloads
Information provided via email
General statistical information from the website, such as the date, time and duration of visits and how the visitor came to the website, is collected automatically. Non-identifying information on Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and Internet browser types may also be collected.

 How we use cookies

Information is automatically collected using cookies to enhance website functionality. Browsers can be set to notify the user when a cookie is downloaded, providing the chance to accept or decline it. However, users declining cookies may experience limited website functionality.

 How we use collected information

Information collected via the website is stored on the WDCGG server in Japan and used as described below.

Information on each contributor (organization name/acronym and country or territory, contact name/email address and other registered information) is posted on the WDCGG website and recorded in archived data files.
Information on each user (name/email address/organization) is used by WDCGG to contact users or to reply to user inquiries, and is provided to the contributor when a user downloads data submitted by the relevant contributor.

General statistical information automatically collected from the website is used to enhance website usability. It is not disclosed to third parties except in the following cases:
The user consents to disclosure.
There is a legal requirement for disclosure.

 Links to other websites

This website contains links to other websites. Users following such links are separately subject to the privacy policies of the destination sites.


Questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy can be addressed to WDCGG at (change "at" to "@").

 Privacy Policy Changes

WDCGG complies with Japanese laws and ordinances applicable to personal information. The terms of this Privacy Policy are subject to occasional changes.

Updated: 2 Jul. 2018


Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are permanent labels supporting research data accessibility, citation, reuse and verification, thereby facilitating progress from previous work, new research and avoidance of research duplication.


WDCGG registers DOIs for archived data in relation to:
Individual datasets
Yearly fixed datasets for individual gas species
Users cite DOIs based on the relevant data.

Individual datasets

WDCGG issues DOIs for individual datasets as requested by contributors.
DOIs are not issued for datasets that already have original identifiers issued by contributors, which are posted as-is on the WDCGG website.
Contributors can request WDCGG DOI issuance upon data submission.
As DOIs remain constant even when data are updated, users should cite the DOI with the relevant data version. Refer to the citation format on the relevant dataset page.

Yearly fixed datasets for individual gas species

Unique DOIs are issued for individual gas species datasets used for WMO GHG Bulletins and WDCGG Data Summaries every year (yearly fixed datasets). These sets contain all data contributed by GAW stations and mobile stations regardless of DOI status.
Data may be updated or added after a DOI is issued for the yearly fixed dataset. For the latest version of data from all stations and mobile platforms, refer to individual DOIs for the updated data in addition to the latest DOI for the yearly fixed dataset.