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NO 36
Acronym INPE
Name National Institute in Space Research
Address 1 Center for Earth System Science(CCST), Greenhouse Gas Laboratory(LaGEE)
Address 2
Address 3
Country/Territory Brazil
Website http://www.inpe.br/ingles


Name Luciana Vanni Gatti
Email lvgatti@gmail.com
Organization No 36
Organization acronym INPE
Organization name National Institute in Space Research
Organization country/territory Brazil
Address 1 Laboratory of Greenhouse Gases - LaGEE
Address 2 National Institute of Space Research - INPE
Address 3 Avenida dos Astronautas, 1758 - São José dos Campos - SP
Country/territory Brazil
Tel 55 (12) 32087779
Last updated date 2021-08-02

 9999-12-31 00:00:00 - 9999-12-31 23:59:59: Unknown(Gas chromatography (ECD))
 WMO N2O mole fraction scale
 Valid: ...
 Temporarily suspended
 Air sampling observation for a vertical profile by aircraft.
 Wind direction:
 Wind speed:
 Relative humidity:
 Precipitation amount:
 Air pressure:
 Air temperature:
 Dew point temperature:
 Sea water temperature:
 Sea surface water temperature:
 Sea water salinity:
 Sea surface water salinity:
Meteorological data may remain as first provided, even when greenhouse gas data are updated.